Elastic Search

Elasticsearch is an open-source, RESTful, distributed search and analytics engine built on Apache Lucene.

GetCandy uses Elastic Search for performing searches on your products and categories, this guide will help you through setting up all your search data.


In order for Elastic Search to work all your products and categories will need indexing.

Adding products and categories via the hub

Whether you're adding a new category or product via the hub, GetCandy will handle all the indexing for you.

Missing products and categories when searching?

Sometimes things may go wrong with Elastic Search or you may need to restore your database from a slightly different database backup, causing your data to become out of sync.

GetCandy has got that covered by running one simple command.

$ php artisan candy:search:index

Will my search be unavailable during the re-index process?

Elastic Search doesn't like having two indexes with the same name, for good reason. As re-indexing can be a lengthy process its best not to delete the existing index and create a new one as the time between will cause your search to be unavailable for the whole re-index process.

We use Aliases to ensure Zero downtime, with each indexer creating a unique timestamped indice, to ensure no overlaps happen and no disruption for customers searching your store.