# Models

# Overview

GetCandy provides a number of Eloquent Models and quite often in custom applications you will want to add your own relationships and functionality to these models.


We highly suggest using your own Eloquent Models to add additional data, rather than trying to change fields on the core GetCandy models.

# Dynamic Eloquent Relationships

Eloquent relationships can be dynamically specified in code, allowing you to add additional relationships to the GetCandy Models.


use GetCandy\Models\Order;
use App\Models\Ticket;
Order::resolveRelationUsing('ticket', function ($orderModel) {
    return $orderModel->belongsTo(Ticket::class, 'ticket_id');

See https://laravel.com/docs/9.x/eloquent-relationships#dynamic-relationships for more information.

# Macroable

All GetCandy models have been made macroable. This is a Laravel technique to allow a developer to dynamically add methods to an existing class. This is ideal for adding helpful functions for your application.

Here is an example...

use GetCandy\Models\Product;

Product::macro('isDraft', function () {
    return $this->status === 'draft';