# Upgrading

# General Upgrade Instructions

Update the package

composer update getcandy/admin

Run any migrations

php artisan migrate

Re-publish the admin hub assets

php artisan getcandy:hub:install

If you're using Meilisearch, run the following

php artisan getcandy:meilisearch:setup

# 2.0-beta7

This version adds a new config setting for User ID field types.

Please add the following to your config/getcandy/database.php file

    | Users Table ID
    | GetCandy adds a relationship to your 'users' table and by default assumes
    | a 'bigint'. You can change this to either an 'int' or 'uuid'.
    'users_id_type' => 'bigint',

# Channel availability - High Impact

The signature for scheduling a model for a channel has changed:


$product->scheduleChannel($channel, now()->addDays(14));


$product->scheduleChannel($channel, $startAt, $endAt);

$startAt and $endAt should be either DateTime objects or null.

# v2.0-beta5

The composer package to install has now changed to getcandy/admin. This is to support our new monorepo getcandy/getcandy (opens new window)

To get this update you need to make a change in your composer file.


"getcandy/getcandy": "^2.0"


"getcandy/admin": "^2.0"

And then run...

composer update

Then re-publish the admin hub assets

php artisan getcandy:hub:install

# v2.0-beta

GetCandy 2 is a complete re-write of our e-commerce page. It is not currently possible to upgrade from v0.12.* to GetCandy 2.

GetCandy 2 provides both the core e-commerce functionality and also an integrated admin hub within Laravel. A separate package will be released early 2022 to provide frontend API functionality.

# Migrating from v0.12.*


We intend to release an upgrade utility before v2 is out of beta.